VZA Simone 1x12" Combo

Under Construction!  

Placeholder page for details about the VZA Simone 1x12" combo amp.

Demo of Simone amp with Ruby/Shugang EL34B tubes.

Demo of Simone amp with JJ 6CA7 output tubes.

Demo of my Gretsch Pro Jet through the 5E3 channel of the Simone amp with JJ 6CA7 output tubes and Weber Grey Wolf AlNiCo 12" speaker, with RT20 Rotary Ensemble pedal taking signal from FX loop and feeding My Stereo Amp with the Hartke 4x10" stereo cab loaded with Weber Blue Pups.

Recorded with Bluebird SL condensor mic, approx 30" away from the front of the two cabs, between the bottom of the 1x12" cab and the top of the 4x10" cab.